Privacy policy

Privacy policy : terms and conditions

1. What happens with the useful or medical information I add to my profile?

When you install the app, you can add useful information to your profile, for instance that you are deaf or hearing-impaired or that you have a heart condition. This information remains stored on your phone.

When you then contact an emergency centre using the app, the operator can see this information and if necessary pass it on to the emergency services. This information is not stored anywhere.

2. What information do the emergency centres see when I call them using the app?

When you contact an emergency centre using the app, the operators see your phone number, your location and the information you have possibly added to your profile (for instance medical information). During the call your location will be regularly updated if you are moving or when the connection enables a better localization. Those updated location data are of course also visible to the operator.

After finishing the emergency call the emergency services will be able to manually ask for your location 2 more times at most (for instance to find you as soon as the emergency services have arrived).

3. How are these data sent?

Sending your data is done by means of a secured internet connection (HTTPS) or through an SMS (when internet is not available).

4. Can the app also help the emergency services on the spot to quickly find me when they don’t find me immediately?

The emergency services can activate a tone on your phone through the app when they can’t find you on the spot.

5. When and how long can the chat function be activated?

The app has a chat/text function that can be activated by an operator of the emergency centre. This chat function is only activated when it is impossible to communicate by speech.

This chat is primarily intended for deaf persons, hearing-impaired persons and persons with a speech impediment, but it can also be used in cases in which people cannot talk (for instance when there is to much ambient noise or when there is a bad voice connection).